is an independent movie production organization within the Entropia Universe.

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GIA - Video Archive

Stardate 20161205 1207

Smuggler Connection

(Episode 1)

Stolen Firebird

(Episode 2)

(Arkadia Underground Event)


(Episode 3)

Monria 2017

St Patrick's Day Event

The Search

(Episode 4)

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About Us!

Our goal is to produce movies about Entropia events, people, places, movies that tell a story. We always take in consideration each Planet storyline, and carefuly merge the Movie story with the known lore of the planet, hoping this way promote and enrich the overall story of this Universe.


If you have a story you want to tell, that you believe it fulfill our goals, and you need our help, Contact Us.

Donations are not expected but are very much appreciated and will help us continue our movies production. We prefer in-Universe donations over PayPal


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