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By using Entropia MOVIES you agree to the following

  1. Decription of the service

    1. Our goal is to produce movies about Entropia events, people, places, movies that tell a story. We always take in consideration each Planet storyline, and carefuly merge the Movie story with the known lore of the planet, hoping this way promote and enrich the overall story of this Universe.

  2. Entropia Life and MindArk PE AB® or any Planet Partner

    1. Entropia Movies has no affiliation with MindArk PE AB®

    2. Entropia Movies has no affiliation with any Planet Partners unless explicitly stated.

    3. MindArk and/or any of MindArk's Planet Partners cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from using Entropia Movies.

  3. Liability of Entropia Movies

    1. Entropia Movies will not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages arising from using the Entropia Movies website.

    2. Entropia Movies will not be held accountable for the accuracy of the data provided via this service.

    3. Entropia Movies will never send out "spam mails", but account activation mails, recovery mails and mails of interest may be sent to your provided email address.

    4. Entropia Movies supplies the system (herein: website, videos and other applications) "as is" without any form for warranty.

  4. Ownership

    1. Raw data gathered from inside Entropia Universe is the sole property of Entropia Movies.

    2. Media uploaded by any user to Entropia Movies becomes the ownership of Entropia Movies. MindArk retains ownership of media provided via Entropia Universe™.

    3. You must own copyrights or have expressed permission from copyright holder to any material you uploaded to Entropia Movies.

  5. Account and Privacy

    1. You will provide accurate information when signing up for an account for Entropia Movies

    2. Entropia Movies will store all account informations on secured systems according to best pratices.

    3. Entropia Movies will only store passwords and other sensitive data in encrypted form.

    4. Your provided information may be used, in annonymized form, to help target advertisments for Entropia Movies, MindArk PE AB®, Entropia Universe™ or specific Planet Partners™.

  6. Rules of conduct

    1. You may not use the Entropia Movies to engage in any misleading or deceptive activity.

    2. You may not use the Entropia Movies, to provide or to facilitate access to or to distribute illegal software or materials.

    3. You may not interfer with any other users ability to use Entropia Movies.

    4. You may not harras other users through the Entropia Movies system.

    5. You will not try to bypass any security measures installed by Entropia Movies.

    6. You agree not to utilize any software to catalogue or otherwise distribute data collected by Entropia Movies without the expressed permission of its owners.

    7. Failure to comply with the paragraphs in "Rules of conduct" can lead to legal actions against any user.

  7. Monetary transactions to Entropia Movies

    1. All monetary transactions to Entropia Movies are to be considered donations.

    2. Transactions to Entropia Movies, via PayPal, transactions inside Entropia Universe™ or via other channels are all final and can not be reversed.

  8. Termination

    1. In case of account termination no refunds will be given to the user.

    2. Accounts can be terminated without warning from Entropia Movies.

  9. Applied law

    1. In the case of disputes, all disputes will be settled through the Portuguese courts.

  10. Updates to this agreement

    1. You agree that you can, at any time, view this agreement from any page on Entropia Movies.

    2. You agree that you will familiarize your self with this agreement, and that you will read the agreement whenever changes to the agreement is made

    3. If you no longer can honor the agreement, you can apply to have your account locked via the support system inside the Entropia Movies website.


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